Cal Rei Sport Fishing, the dream of all fishermen

We offer you multiple sorts of sport fishing like: trolling, deep sea fishing, drifting, and evening fishing.

Cal Rei offers you the possibility to release atlantic blue marlin, white marlin, spearfish, big eye tuna, longfin tuna, barracuda, wahoo, dolphinfish (mahi mahi), bonito, snappers, blue fish and so on...

Our crew speaks English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French and most of all they will give you a successful day fishing on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria.

We can also organise accomodation for you, check out our website from the apartments:

For more information about excursions and day trips in Mogan do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Cal rei end 2 nd place in Puerto Rico Marlin competition 2019
  • Cal Rei was the best boat 2018, released most Blue Marlin
  • Cal Rei released 78 Marlin in 2017.
  • Cal Rei end 2nd place in the Puerto Rico Marlin competiton 2017
  • Cal Rei released 141 Blue Marlin 2016.
  • Cal Rei end 1 st place Mogan Cup 2016.
  • Cal Rei released the first Bluefin Tuna in 2016.
  • Cal Rei caught 88 Billfish in 2015 (84 Blue Marlin - 3 White Marlin & 1 Sailfish)
  • Cal Rei end 3th place in the Mogan Cup 2015.
  • Cal Rei released the first Bluefin Tuna and Albacore Tuna in 2015
  • Cal Rei caught 133 Billfish in 2014 ! 117 Blue Marlin & 16 White - Spearfish
  • Cal Rei was the best boat 2013 with 41 Billfish (25 Blue Marlin & 16 White - Spearfish)
  • Cal Rei released the first Blue Marlin in 2013
  • Cal Rei caught a 242lbs Yellowfin Tuna (New Belgium Record)
  • Cal Rei was the best boat 2012 with 61 Billfish (41 Blue Marlin & 20 White - Spearfish)
  • Cal Rei caught the first 2 Blue Marlin in Gran Canaria 2012
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