The Belgian Big Game Federation is a part of the Belgian Confederation of Sea Anglers and due to this we are the official representative for Big Game Fishing in Belgium. Founded in 2002 by a few big gamers we want to promote our sport and give information to those who want to go for the big ones.

We don't organise fishingtrips but we try to get people together so they can have the fun of travelling and fishing the right spots. Every 2 years we organise our Belgian Championship and some of our members became competitors for international championships.

If you are interested in Big Game Fishing and you don't know where to start, learn to know us, so we can learn to know you.

Contact in english, dutch or french can be made by

The Billfish Foundation

The Billfish Foundation works worldwide to advance the conservation of billfish and associated species to improve the health of oceans and economies. Within the context of a planet with nearly seven billion human inhabitants conservation strategies must be forward-looking and adaptive. By accounting for the roles of billfish within the marine environment as well as in relation to their interactions with humanity, TBF's conservation campaigns maintain the flexibility to adapt to emergent threats as well as those which have historically confronted resource managers. TBF employs a multi-tiered, proactive suite of initiatives involving research-both biological and socio-economic- education, and advocacy projects. As billfish and other highly migratory species are not confined to the territorial waters of any one nation, these strategies must also take into account the differences in culture and law inherent to the international arena. Empowered by an internationally diverse constituent network, The Billfish Foundation is uniquely equipped to do just this.

Tagging Program

Much of the scientific body of knowledge pertaining to billfish has resulted from conventional tagging programs. From its inception in 1990, TBF's Tagging Database has grown into the world's largest and most extensive private billfish tag and release program. Tagging provides science with information about migrations, billfish densities, growth rates, and other important life history characteristics. Tag and release reports come to the Foundation each year from six continents. The anglers, captains, mates, and fishing fleets that participate in tagging provide TBF science and conservation programs with invaluable data that would impossible to gather without them. Because tagging is of such importance to TBF, The Billfish Foundation recognizes members for their contributions to science.

Makaira Pulling Lures

"It usually takes a long ride to get deep, productive water when fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. And unless you live close to some oil rigs, you'll have to cover a lot of ground over a virtually flat bottom to find the fish. To be successful, most boats here pull lures. The boys at Makaira Pulling Lures grew up in the deep blue waters offshore of Louisiana, and their new line of lures shows off their blue-water heritage.

Hand-poured, hand-finished and hand-polished in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Makaira Pulling Lures were tested and proven in the Gulf and the Caribbean. These Lures don't sport any angler-catching features like flashing lights or noisemakers (no batteries required). These are just great, old-school designs that catch fish.

Makaira Pulling Lures come in a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from large to small slants that dart and swim to scoop-nose and Yap-style pushers that run straight and true. The clear-resin heads feature colored reflective-tape inserts and large moving eyes. The company skirts the lures with either Mold Craft or Ocean Lure Concepts material in a wide variety of colors.

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