The boats

The boats are big fishing boats.They have the capacity to carry 12 people, crew included.

The boats are in an excellent condition and is driven by two engines. With its length of about 12.50 meters long and 4.50 meters wide, equipped with high tech instruments (radar-GPS-autopilot-VHF radios, Garmin) and the newest equipment (Shimano Tiagra & Penn reels 130/80/50/30lbs, ..) The boats are most appropriate for big game fishing. The boats are equipped for big game fishing with a fighting chair, 2 outriggers and a lot of artificial lures ( Black Bart - Bonze - Makaira Pulling Lures, .. ) it carries all kinds of rods for trolling 130/80/50/30lbs and also for bottom fishing. Teaser reels for bait and switch.

It has a beautiful view over the ocean from the flybridge. You are able to spot dolphins, whales, turtles, sharks, tuna and marlin. You can take advantage of a large cabin with its belongings ( kitchen, toilet, refrigerator,.)

When the weather is good you can sit in the front on any of our boats and get a great tan!

Wanna have an unforgettable fishing trip?