big eye tuna and bluefin tuna's

Thu 15.02.2018

The last day's were great we caught big eye tuna and many albacore tuna's and we lost 2 bluefin tun's. lot's of fish around, come and book!

Cal rei on fire! Trolling slam

Tue 13.02.2018

Great day, we went 5/6 alabacore tuna,1/1 big eye tuna, 1/1 blue shark that was released in perfect condition and 0/1 bluefin tuna that spooled us on the 50lbs reel

Big eye tuna, longfin tuna and bluefin tuna

Fri 09.02.2018

fantastic day we went 4/5 albacore tuna and 1/2 big eye tuna and we saw many big bluefin tuna.The fishing is really hot, come fish with us !

Tuna part!!

Wed 07.02.2018

9 Tuna's,great day today with 8/8 albacore tuna and 1/2 skipjacktuna

new boat!

Wed 07.02.2018

the last weeks we don4t fish a lot, we were working on our new boat, almost ready

Big eye tuna 163 lbs!!

Fri 03.11.2017

the last day's is full with albacore and big eye tuna's! come fish with us!

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