Trolling slam

Sun 24.09.2017

Today we went 2/4alabacore, 1/1 white marlin and 2/2 big dorado's

Big eye tuna !!

Sun 24.09.2017

Today we caught a nice big eye, many albacores around

more albacore tuna's!

Tue 19.09.2017

the last day's many tuna's around.

more tuna's

Thu 14.09.2017

the last day's there are many albacore tuna's around, we lost 2 blue marlin on the jumps.

big eye tuna's

Thu 14.09.2017

The last day's many big eye's around

Bluefinn Tuna and bigeye tuna's

Thu 14.09.2017

We released a 700lbs bluefinn tuna in the competiton from passito blanco and caught a 200lbs big eye yesterday, unfortunatally no points for bluefinn in the competiton

Wanna have an unforgettable fishing trip?