Another blue marlin released

Sun 13.10.2019

We released already 5 Blue Marlin in Oktober, amazing fishing

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Trolling slam!

Sat 05.10.2019

We caught Marlin nr 72! We caught also one wahoo and one Albacore Tuna, Cal rei top Marlin boat with 65 blue and 7 white marlin!!!

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The wahoo's arrived!

Sun 29.09.2019

The last day's there is good wahoo action, come fish with us still free places

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3 bluefin tuna's and a marlin

Mon 23.09.2019

We released marlin nr 71 this season and we released 2/3 bluefin tuna's around 600lbs

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tuna's and marlin!

Wed 18.09.2019

The last day's we released a yellowfin tuna about 250lbs, we released many alabacore tuna's and lost a blue marlin and released a white marlin, we ...

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marlin and tuna's

Mon 09.09.2019

The last day's we released 8 alabacore tuna's and caught 2 blue marlin!

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