Amazing fishing 10 blue marlin in 3 day's fishing!

Tue 18.06.2019

Gran canaria is full with blue marlin, amazing numbers around, we raised 10 blue in 3 day's fishing! come and fish with us, chance of a liftime to release a blue marlin

Blue Marlin explosion!! Grand Canary is on fire!!

Wed 12.06.2019

Fishing has been increddible, Cal rei is in a good flow we raised 33 blue marlin already this season, today we released another 2, come and fish with us

20 blue marlin!

Thu 06.06.2019

Great start of the season we raised 20 blue marlin and released 8. come and fish with us !!

released 5 blue marlin

Thu 06.06.2019

We raised 12 blue marlin with our dutch friends and released 5 in 5 day's fishing

5 blue marlin!!

Tue 28.05.2019

The last 2 day's we raised 5 blue marlin, released 2, come and fish with us, the fishing is hot!!!

2 Blue Marlin!!

Tue 07.05.2019

Today we releassed a 400 lbs blue marlin and raised another one!

Wanna have an unforgettable fishing trip?