8 Marlin!

Tue 13.09.2016

Increddible fishing! We released 50 & 51 in canaria in total 139 this year! Today we went 2/3 Blue Marlin and 0/1 White Marlin, we raised 2 Blue and 1 White more! We saw another one feeding and we came in a big school yellowfinn tunas but no hook ups. We caught 1/2 Blue and lost a white on the lobster fromĀ Justin Makaira Roper.

137 Tuna's!

Sat 26.03.2016

137 Tuna's!!
We end a great tuna season, we caught the last 2 months 137 Tuna's. (120 Albacore,16 big eye and 1/2 Bluefin Tuna). Tuesday we fly to cape verde and start the marlin season. Let's hope it will be good! More updates will follow soon!

100 Blue Marlin released in 50 days

Wed 28.05.2014

Cal Rei team released 100 Blue Marlin & 1 Spearfish in CV, we start trolling again Thursday, check out the catch of the day!!

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