9 Tuna's!

Tue 23.10.2018

Today we fished the first day after our holiday, we went 2/2 albacore tuna and 4/7 skipjacktuna's.


Sun 07.10.2018

We take our yearly holiday be back 22 oktober

9 big eye tuna's!!!

Sun 07.10.2018

We went 4/9 big eye tunas all around 70-100kg each, perfect day on the sea!

2 Blue Marlin!!

Mon 24.09.2018

Last 2 day's we went 1/2 Blue Marlin, we caught a 550lbs!

6 blue marlin in 1 day!!!!!

Thu 20.09.2018

The last 3 day's we raised 8 blue marlin, yesterday was the best day with 6! Today we released another 500lbs blue marlin. Fishing is really good for the moment, please contact us !!!

3 Blue Marlin today!

Tue 11.09.2018

Great day we raised 3 blue marlin and released one. Great fishing for the moment!

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