Big Dorado

Sun 01.09.2019

last days we caught one blue marlin and some big dorado's

blue marlin and tuna's

Sun 25.08.2019

today we released marlin nr 65 so far, we saw many tuna's today, come and fish with us!!

Dorado's and Marlin

Fri 23.08.2019

The last day's it's a little slower but we managed to release a couple blue marlin and caught some dorado's

61 marlin released so far!

Fri 16.08.2019

Cal rei is having a great season with 61 marlin released and a lot more lost and raised, now there is tuna marlin dorado everything, come and fish with us!

Big eye tuna party!!!!!

Mon 05.08.2019

What a day today we went 5/7 big eye tuna's, still lot of marlin around, come and fish with us !! chance off a liftime!!

New canarian record !! cal rei released 8 marlin in one day fishing

Fri 02.08.2019

Amazing fishing for cal rei we went 5/8 blue marlin and 3/3 white marlin, today we released marlin 59 for the season!

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